Liturgical ministry is an excellent opportunity to fulfill the baptismal call of service to one another. Our liturgies utilize the talents and gifts that God has given the community to the fullest extent. Whether participation is through “behind the scenes” preparation and planning or through a public role of service within the Mass, parishioner contributions help our liturgies to be truly life-giving celebrations. If you feel called to serve in a specific ministry, please contact the Parish Office.

altar-server-clip-art-702132Altar Servers

An altar server assists the community in celebrating the sacred liturgy by using the important signs and symbols of the liturgy (such as candles, incense, and the cross) and assisting the Presider in the preparation of the Eucharist. By the graceful and reverential manner in which they perform their tasks, they contribute to the spirit of prayer and worship and encourage the participation of the assembly.

To become an altar server, an applicant must have received his or her first communion as well as demonstrate regular participation in the Sunday liturgies.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Children’s Liturgy is a class for children in JK to Grade 2, and assembles during the 11 am Sunday Mass during the school year. Children process out of church and into a meeting room with a liturgist before the first reading and return to their parents during the presentation of the gifts (offertory).


While in class, the children enjoy a combination of prayers, songs, the gospel reading of the day and a discussion and explanation of the Scriptures. If time allows, children may also color a picture or possibly make a craft that relates to the Sunday Gospel theme.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers seek to be the living body of Christ in our community by helping the priest and deacons distribute Communion during Mass and by taking the Eucharist to the sick and home-bound of our Parish. These ministers recognize that they are called to extend hospitality to all and that in the act of distributing the Body and Blood of Christ, they are serving God’s people.

Ministers of Hospitality

Ministers of Hospitality seek to make everyone feel welcome in our Parish community. Their role includes ushering, collecting the offering at Mass and assisting parishioners as necessary. Like Eucharistic Ministers, Ministers of Hospitality recognize that they are called to extend hospitality as a service to all God’s people.

Lectors and Animators

The Ministry of the Word is a very important ministry for the life, vitality and growth of our Parish community. The Lector is a privileged carrier of God’s word, proclaiming the good news to the Faithful through the readings at the Eucharistic Celebration.

The Sacred Scriptures tell us the great story of God and His people. The Lector’s role then is to relay this story, and to tell it with enthusiasm and Faith, for it is these readings that bring meaning and direction to our lives.


The animator’s role is to give the announcements before Mass, to engage the assembly in the life of the Parish.

If you feel comfortable speaking in public, can read reasonably well, and have a strong voice, then you are ideal for the job!

Music Ministries

The music ministry does not exist for its members, rather it exists to lead and support the assembly’s song. The hymn of praise is our way of life. The parish welcomes all who wish to share their gift of music with the assembly. Singers, organists, cantors, leaders of music and instrumentalists are all needed.